Suggestions for Gluten-Free Cooking

Published on Saturday, 23 June 2012 22:06

Gluten-free flours cannot be easily used to make yeast breads, but baking powder can be used instead of yeast. Substitution for gluten is easiest in cakes, pie crusts, and pancakes. When you try gluten-free bread, it is difficult to duplicate the shape and texture. In smaller muffins and cakes; however, rice or potato flours may be substituted for wheat with baking powder as the leavener. Baking powder’s ability to hold the rise is related to the size of the pan, so use smaller pans in gluten-free baking.


  • Polenta French toast with berry syrup
  • Organic corn flakes, puffed rice, or puffed millet with choice of milks or juice
  • Cream of rice, cream of buckwheat, amaranth, or corn grits with appropriate milk, sweetener, or fruit
  • Miso soup with vegetables and rice

Lunch and Dinner

  • A non-gluten grain (wild or brown rice, corn, buckwheat, millet, or quinoa) with vegetables
  •              (sautéed, stir-fried, or steamed) with dressing if desired
  • Any variety of bean soups (split peas, lentils, chickpeas) or chili with alkaline vegetables
  • Fish with vegetables and a baked root crop or a non-gluten grain
  • Hummus, rice and alkaline vegetables
  • Corn tacos with refried beans


  • Baked or oven-fried sweet potatoes/yams
  • Fresh nuts and seeds
  • Fruit and crunchy raw vegetables with bean dip or yogurt
  • Nut butters like almond and cashew with gluten-free crackers like rice
  • Hummus or baba ganoush with vegetables or gluten-free chips or pretzels
  • Products made with corn like tortilla chips and salsa

To help repair the damaged intestines and to help with better digestion overall, drink at least 20 minutes prior to eating and don’t drink any fluids while eating, then wait 2 hours after your meal to have a drink.. 

Try eating more solid foods like meat or poultry, rice or quinoa. Foods like salads that are water based pass right through your system.

You may also want to avoid dairy . Dairy tends to coat the intestines so digestion takes longer and many people have trouble digesting dairy in general. You can try the elimination diet with dairy and see if it helps with your symptoms and discomfort from celiac disease. There are plenty of dairy alternatives. Use to see a complete list of foods that contain diary.

Some people think that gluten intolerance means you can’t eat carbohydrates. This is a misconception. A person with celiac disease can enjoy rice, baked potatoes, sweet potatoes and an occasional not-so-healthy choice - french fries.