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Wisconsin’s Margarine Ban

Foodfacts.com commonly receives questions regarding the nutritional status of margarine. As most may know, margarine was seen as the healthy alternative to butter for a few decades due to its lack of saturated fat. However, science eventually caught up and realized margarine maybe the problem rather than the solution. The state of Wisconsin took this news and ran with it, eliminating this butter-like product from restaurants since the 1960s. But now, lawmakers are trying to lift this ban and bring margarine back to the public.

Margarine is primarily composed of partially hydrogenated oils, which was seen as a healthier alternative for a very long time. However, more and more studies began to show that these partially hydrogenated fats are actually trans fatty acids; ones that play a major role in causing cardiovascular disease, arterial plaque buildup, and more likely to cause heart attacks.

Sen. Gordon Roseleip introduced the ban to Wisconsin in the mid 1960s. An advocate for the dairy industry, Roseleip proposed that margarine does not only have an unfavorable taste in comparison to butter, but it also more likely to cause unhealthy results. Which, is true. Whether or not Roseleip did it just to support the dairy council, no one can be too sure, but it was a bold move regardless. The ban has been in place for almost 45 years, and now lawmakers are planning to repeal the anti-margarine bill.

Rep. Dale Kooyenga calls the bill “silly, antiquated and anti-free market.” He’s hoping to have the ban lifted to not only reduce state regulations, but to also save taxpayer money.

What do you think? Is the margarine ban a good thing? Or should people have free choice to use this buttery alternative?

Cutting Calories with DietsInReview.com

Foodfacts.com has again partnered with DietsInReview.com to provide our followers with the latest health and nutrition information to sustain optimal health! Check out their tips below to cut calories at breakfast!

Cut Breakfast Calories at Restaurants Without Noticing

By Lacy J. Hansen for DietsInReview.com
Try as we might, there’s no way around the science of calories. Each calorie counts and most of our favorite foods have far too many of them. No need to fret! Life doesn’t have to be lived eating flavorless celery and lettuce. There are many ways to reduce calories without feeling like you’re being deprived.

Here are 7 simple tricks you can use to cut calories from your breakfasts when dining out. You’ll consume fewer calories without sacrificing flavor.

1. Order a Guiltless Latte at Starbucks

Order a grande Americano with 2 pumps of sugar free vanilla syrup and add a splash of fat free milk and half a Splenda. It tastes exactly like a vanilla latte but with about 100 less calories, and a cheaper price tag.

2. Request Ice for Smoothies Instead of Milk

After all of the fruit, yogurt or protein powder is added, ask the smoothie maker to add ice to the blender instead of milk. The result is less calories and a very refreshing morning treat.

Make your own Blueberry Smoothie at home

3. Add more Veggies to Omelets

An omelet is already loaded with protein due to the eggs, so forget the high fat meats and cheese and load it with low-calorie, high-nutrient peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach, onions, and anything else you prefer. You’ll cut hundreds of calories and end up with a well balanced meal.

4. Flavor with Jam Instead of Butter

When topping toast, bagels, or English muffins, (whole wheat, of course) reach for the all fruit jam and forget the butter. Most jams are less than 50 calories per tablespoon- 50% less than butter. Ask servers not to butter your toasted sides.

5. Use Turkey Bacon Instead of Pork

Some slices of bacon can be over 100 calories per slice. Most people don’t stop at one slice either. Turkey Bacon can come in as low as 20 calories per slice. So be sure to ask your server is turkey options are available.

6. Use Egg Whites

One egg clocks in at about 70 calories. If you ditch the yolk, you cut over 50 of them. Granted, you’ll need more than one egg’s worth of whites for most dishes, you still get lots of protein and miss very little flavor in your morning scrambles or omelets.

7. Use Applesauce or Honey Instead of Maple Syrup

Still sweet and flavorful, applesauce on your pancakes or waffles will save you literally hundreds of calories as you start your day. 100 grams of applesauce equals 40 calories, while 100 grams of syrup equals a whopping 261 calories. You can also use much less honey than you would use in syrup and get more than enough sweetness.

Try more ways to cut calories with honey .