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McDonald’s Oatmeal

Our previous blog tells how to make Oatmeal the right way, this blog shows how McDonald’s is making Oatmeal the wrong way.

Oatmeal should be made with primarily one ingredient, not twenty one! Sure, at home you can add a little brown sugar, cinnamon, nuts, apples or milk, but you are doing so sparingly and with ingredients that are fresh without chemicals (McDonald’s “cream” has seven ingredients??)

I’m sure McDonald’s knows that once you walk into a McDonald’s you aren’t going to order just Oatmeal, they are just trying to get you in the door.

Has anyone tried the McDonald’s Oatmeal?

Helpful Foods When Exercising

Helpful Foods When Exercising | Foodfacts.com

Helpful Foods When Exercising | Foodfacts.com

Many of us may select fruit as a good food before or after working out because it’s quick, easy, and healthy too and we can take it with us. However, certain fruits may have more value to us than others, depending on our activities. Continue reading

How To Stay Active At A Sedentary Work Place

Exercise | Foodfacts.com

Exercise | Foodfacts.com

On our quest to reach our fitness goals one of the biggest obstacles in our path can be our jobs. It can be difficult to make time out of our busy work day for a little bit of gym time. Even when we work hard and find time to get to the gym, the next morning we just return to our sedentary work self. Fitness and sports are our passion but we all can’t be professional athletes. Even most Olympic athletes have to keep a full time job to support their lifestyles. So how can we stay fit if we are working a sedentary job for 8 hours a day? The Foodfacts.com Blog found some tips to keeping your body and muscles active during a typical sedentary work day. Continue reading