Going green can reduce the risk of obesity and diabetes (we mean your leafy greens!)

We’re all trying to be green! We’re making efforts to reduce our carbon footprint, choosing brown bags over plastic, using recycled everything as much as we can. New research we found today though is encouraging us to go green with our vegetables too — to reduce risks to the environment, but to reduce risks to […]

Dads consuming too much sugar may increase the risk of obesity in their children

Most research regarding childhood obesity as it relates to parents and pregnancy points to the dietary habits of mothers. We’re actually quite accustomed to moms, as the carriers of their children, as the “important link” to their health. Expectant mothers shouldn’t smoke, shouldn’t consume caffeine, need to be concerned about mercury levels in their diets, […]

Rates of obesity-related cancers rising … and it’s mostly in developed countries

In case anyone was wondering if the obesity crisis has been contained or is showing any signs of reversing course, the unfortunate fact is that from all available information, the world is still suffering. This reversible and tragic situation is still continuing at an alarming rate. In addition to actual obesity statistics, news surrounding the […]

How much money does obesity cost the world? A new report claims that it’s just as much as war and terrorism.

It’s no secret that the obesity epidemic is costing governments money. Until now though, it’s been difficult to measure exactly how expensive it’s become. The obesity epidemic is now so widespread it is hurting economies as much as war and terrorism, new research reveals. More than 2.1 billion people are overweight or obese – costing […]

Obesity link in cancer

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month so we want to spend time spotlighting new research illustrating possible nutritional links with cancer that can be of help to the FoodFacts.com community. Knowledge is power — especially when it comes to helping us avoid health conditions and disease. So let’s look at some new research that can make […]

Increasing waistlines signal bad news for the obesity crisis

News regarding the obesity crisis continues to be conflicting. Some reports would lead us to believe that if the obesity trend isn’t reversing, it may at least be stabilizing. So what’s actually going on? New information released last week isn’t as encouraging as some of the recent reports infer. The prevalence of abdominal obesity and […]

Thinking of switching to whole grains? New study shows white bread may promote obesity.

For the last several years we’ve all heard that switching to whole grain products is a healthy adjustment for our lifestyles. Of course, there are voices contradicting that information telling us that wheat is wheat and grains are grains and there’s no real difference between white bread and whole grain bread. Little by little, thought, […]

Childhood obesity: there’s more than a physical price to pay

While there has been some good news recently regarding the obesity crisis, there’s still a long way to go. With about one in every three children and teens in the U.S. either overweight or obese, there are many health concerns related to childhood obesity. This life-altering condition is a burden for the millions of children […]

Great news for chocolate lovers — your favorite sweet may help prevent obesity and diabetes

Every chocolate lover carries just a little guilt over indulging in their favorite sweet. As more and more research is released revealing the health benefits of moderate chocolate consumption, that guilt dissipates a bit. But the newest research may prove to be the most surprising of all, unexpectedly linking chocolate to the possible prevention of […]

Finally, some good news in the midst of the obesity crisis

There are real efforts being made in the fight against obesity, but it’s still a global crisis affecting millions. While FoodFacts.com has devoted many blog posts to research findings and changes to government nutrition standards for our schools, the data has remained fairly negative. Today though, we can report on some significant data that may […]