Severe obesity rising among American youth makes every effort to keep our community up to date on the latest news regarding the obesity crisis. We’ve got a long road ahead of us as we, as a nation and a world, attempt to reverse a trend that’s making our population prone to preventable conditions and diseases. Sadly, the news we read […]

New report shows U.S. obesity leveling off at an extremely high level follows new information regarding the obesity crisis as closely as possible. We’re all aware of the problems that stem from U.S. obesity levels. The health of our population has suffered greatly, with increasing rates of heart disease and diabetes, just to name a few of the debilitating effects of this growing problem. Today we […]

The sugary beverage debate continues … would taxing sugar-sweetened drinks help the obesity crisis?

Yesterday, noted that the New York State Supreme Court upheld the ruling against the mayor’s proposed ban on sugar-sweetened beverages. The court’s four-judge panel was unanimous in its decision that the New York Board of Health and Mental Hygiene “violated the state principle of separation of powers” with the proposed ban. Many other states […]

Are we subsidizing the obesity crisis? is always interested in new information that helps us gain better insight into the skyrocketing obesity epidemic. We have great concern about the availability and nutritional quality of the processed foods and beverages in our grocery stores and fast food chains and are constantly offering education regarding the ingredients being used in our food […]

New insight into the obesity gene is continually on the lookout for new research and information regarding the obesity epidemic. There have been a number of studies released over the last year offering insights into this growing health problem that is affecting millions of people worldwide. We’re always especially concerned with our children and hopeful that scientists will pinpoint new […]

AMA now classifies obesity as a disease in the U.S. listened intently, along with the rest of the country today, as we learned that the American Medical Association formally voted to classify obesity a disease requiring a range of medical interventions in the United States. More than 35 percent of U.S. adults and 17 percent of children and teenagers are now recognized as having […]

Obesity linked to overeating in infancy is continually seeking out any new information available regarding the worldwide obesity epidemic, how it affects our population, what its causes are and what we can do about it. This tremendous problem has touched so many lives negatively, instigating chronic disease and death and it continues to grow even more out of control each […]

Link between childhood obesity and height and adult endometrial cancer tries to keep our community informed of any new information regarding the obesity epidemic that’s plaguing not only our own country, but countries around the world. Childhood obesity is especially disturbing as excessive weight in childhood sets the youngest generations up for lifetimes of chronic health problems and serious disease. New research from the […]

Infant carb intake may influence weight gain and obesity throughout life has hundreds of baby foods and beverages in our database. Throughout the years, we’ve been fairly vocal about the quality of many of the products available for babies and have recently published our own Baby & Toddler Nutrition Guide. We’ve always felt that the healthiest food choices early in life get the newest […]

Learning difficulties and ADHD may be linked with childhood obesity tries to stay aware of the latest news regarding the growing obesity epidemic and how it affects the health and well being of the population. Today we found an interesting study out of the University of Illinois that highlights a possible link between diets high in fat and conditions that affect children in our […]