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Have A Healthy Valentine’s Day

Sure, it’s easy to get carried away with the aisles filled with bags of Valentine’s Day candy. Hey, you might even feel a little guilted into buying these indulgent treats. But be careful, some of these treats are filled with unhealthy ingredients, calories and fats. A chocolate free Valentine’s Day?? No, no, we aren’t suggesting that! But there are healthier Valentine’s Day treats and we tell you all about them in this video:

And remember, everything in moderation!

Check out health scores for your favorite candies here:

Make Nutrition your Tradition with Wholesome Holiday Recipes

Gingerbread Granola |

Gingerbread Granola |

Most members and blog readers know that a healthy diet is an important weapon in the fight against disease. Often, the holidays are a time of overindulgences, stressors, and hurried schedules that can challenge healthy eating. Committed to encouraging healthful dietary choices, Texas Oncology adds another good-for-you holiday recipe to its easy-to-make, nutritious holiday collection – Gingerbread Granola. Low in sodium and high in fiber, Gingerbread Granola is packed with healthy ingredients like flax seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds, golden raisins, and dried apricots, making it a delicious and nutritious way to celebrate the season. Continue reading

The Food Allergy Mama: Dairy, Egg and Nut Free Blueberry Buckle

Dairy Egg and Nut-Free Blueberry Buckle

Dairy Egg and Nut-Free Blueberry Buckle

Kelly Rudnicki is popularly known as the Food Allergy Mama.  The always informative and fun-to-read Kelly is currently blogging about a delightfully different recipe she calls Dairy, Egg and Nut Free Blueberry Buckle. Now, this is something worth checking out. Continue reading

Food Allergy Recipes

A food allergy recipe from

Food allergy recipes from

Here’s a good food allergy recipe for Wheat Free and Gluten Free Pizza Crust:

This crispy pizza crust tastes so delicious that your guests won’t  know it’s  wheat and gluten-free. You can hold a slice in your  hand and it won’t crumble!  You may also shape the dough into four  individual pizzas. Continue reading