About Us

While watching his grandson sample a puffed snack one afternoon, Stan Rak noticed a certain orange, powdery residue left on his small fingers.  After wiping it away he saw that his grandson’s finger tips were still stained with orange.  He began to wonder what was in the snacks and foods his family was ingesting every day.  As he started his research Stan noticed that there were massive amount of confusion and misinformation concerning the ingredients that go into our everyday foods.  He made it his mission to inform consumers about what was really in the foods they were eating…and from there foodfacts.com was born!

In his previous business, Kar Parts, Stan developed and eventually sold the computer-based cataloging system he created that is used in our nation’s automotive stores today.  With his technical, data-driven background he was able to successfully create a comprehensive database of over one hundred thousand food products, complete with their ingredients and definitions, nutrition, and more.

With over a decade of research and experience, foodfacts.com is the leading internet source for nutrition and ingredient data.  Our mission from our founder is clear: inform and challenge people to find out what’s really in the foods they are eating.