Obesity is less about race and more about resources

Sometimes science brings up touchy subjects. Science deal with facts and sometimes facts aren’t politically correct. Happily though, there are times that the politically correct viewpoint was the right viewpoint all along … science just wasn’t advanced enough to see it yet. FoodFacts.com finds that to be the case here and we couldn’t be happier […]

When it comes to obesity all things are not equal

While we all spend plenty of time talking about obesity, the news surrounding the disease isn’t reflecting any progress or improvement. FoodFacts.com was a little surprised to learn that when it comes to obesity all things are not equal, as women appear to be obese more often and in greater numbers than men. The Centers […]

The overweight and obesity stigma is alive and well and provable with research

These days our society strives to be as kind and gentle as possible … well, sort of. Unfortunately, it’s pretty well known that our political correctness flies right out the window when it comes to the overweight and obese population. The overweight and obesity stigma isn’t going away any time soon. It’s already hard enough […]

New hope in the fight against obesity

We’re constantly reading about new research discovering more information regarding the obesity epidemic. There are always new developments that seem to offer promising new insights into controlling and reversing obesity for the millions that suffer with this debilitating disease. It’s rare that we hear further news surrounding any of the research that’s being done. FoodFacts.com […]

Can obesity be reversed?

Many different initiatives have been undertaken to attempt to reverse obesity in affected individuals, up to and including bariatric surgery. The recent classification of obesity as a disease has encouraged research and study into effective treatments for the condition. Can obese people turn their situation around, losing weight and keeping it off? Casting aspersions on […]

Can obesity be genetic? New inherited form of obesity identified

Obesity is classified as a disease. For a myriad of reasons, that classification is important to how we perceive both the condition itself and the people struggling with it. It’s also helped further research into possible causes of and treatments for obesity. And new research just made available has uncovered some significant information. A large […]

Obesity crisis may be bigger than we originally thought

We’ve been hearing that 30% of the population is overweight or obese for quite a while now. Thirty percent is a big enough number and certainly speaks to the prevalence of the condition of obesity. But today FoodFacts.com learned that it really may be much larger than that. New estimates have revealed the extent of […]

Obesity and Inflammation … new insights into obesity-related metabolic conditions

Metabolic conditions caused by obesity are in the news consistently. Complications like high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, cancer and heart disease can, in many instances, be linked with obesity. While we know the link exists, it’s been difficult to understand how these things are a direct result of excessive body fat. Understanding that obesity […]

Scientists block obesity-related protein in mice and stop fat formation

We’ve known for a while that where a person develops fat in their body is very significant in the determination of obesity-related health issues. Belly fat is bad fat and puts people at a higher risk for diseases like type 2 diabetes as well as other metabolic issues. A new study out of Oxford University […]

Diet and exercise may not be the cure for obesity

FoodFacts.com is fairly certain that most people think that the best thing to do for obesity is to establish a healthy, low-calorie diet and a consistent exercise schedule. It only makes sense that diet and exercise would be the key ingredients in reversing the condition. Sometimes, though, the things that may appear to make the […]