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Taco Bell Law Suit

The fast food chain has been dealing with a law suit claiming it’s beef is only 35% real beef. Now Taco Bell is starting a new campaign “Thank You for Suing Us”.

Watch our take on the situation and hear what Taco Bell’s President Greg Creed says about the issue.

Are Wheat And Grains Tearing Up Your Stomach?

Wheat and Grains |

Wheat and Grains |

Do you find it difficult to eat certain foods such as wheat and grains without experiencing bloating, embarrassing gas, stomach cramps and diarrhea? observes that it took scientists and researchers decades to discover why a certain food could make one person feel good, yet that same food could trigger numerous health problems in another person. Sticky proteins called lectins—which make up part of a plant’s natural immune system—have been found to be the root cause of most all digestive distress. Continue reading

Salad Recall

State Garden Inc. recalled all it’s salad products made on January 4, 2011 because of possible listeria contamination. All the recalled products have “best if used by” date no later than Jan. 15, 2011 and product trace back codes of 45693 and 45703.

There haven’t been reports of anyone becoming sick yet, but if you have the products in your fridge throw them out or return them to the store for a refund. The company, State Garden Inc. can be reached at (888) 841-6191.

You can find the entire list of products recalled with their corresponding UPC codes here:

Going Orange: Healthiest Orange Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and Vegetables |

Fruits and Vegetables | has learned that, although we hear a lot about the benefits of greens, there are lots of vitamins and minerals that are essential to our health that come in fruits and veggies of other colors. Orange fruits and vegetables are some of the most important ones when it comes to health. Adding these delicious and lively colored little nutrient dense substances to our diets can go a long way to protecting our bodies from ill health and disease. Continue reading

Food And Your Skin

Food And Your Skin |

Food And Your Skin | observes that, if you really want beautiful skin, do the same things you would do to strengthen your heart, control your weight, lift your mood and live longer and better: Get regular exercise, sleep enough and eat well.

Discovery Health suggests a number of foods to look at if you want a beautiful-skin diet. Here are a few of their suggestions: Continue reading

Should Soda Have A Warning Label?

The Center for Science in The Public Interest thinks so, what do you think? Sweetened soft drinks are the single largest contributor of calories to the American diet. Some argue labels could help the obesity epidemic.

Different Types of Sports Drinks: Are They Healthy?

Sports Drinks |

Sports Drinks | has learned that the body sweats in order to maintain proper body heat, and in the process, electrolytes are lost. The kidneys also conserve fluid and electrolytes by cutting back on urine production during dehydration. Water is essential for proper bodily function. Loss of water fact, after 4%, the capacity for muscular work declines, after 5% heat exhaustion, 7% hallucination, and after 10% you experience circulatory collapse and heat stroke. Sports drinks aren’t the only way to consume electrolytes. Eating a normal diet will provide the body with more than enough electrolytes needed for exercising and physical activity. Continue reading