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Losing Weight And Feeling Great With Slow Carbs

Slow Carbs |

Slow Carbs |

There’s so much confusion out there about which is the best, fastest, safest way to lose weight! Low carb Atkins-style diets have proven successful for some but too hard to stick to for others. Low-fat, low calorie diets can work but also may take a very long time to show results. Continue reading

Nutrition Secrets For a Flat, Fat-Free Stomach

Nutrition Secrets |

Nutrition Secrets | came across some interesting stomach-reducing nutrition tips that we we’re passing along.

Cut Calories:

Cutting calories is the key to maintaining a trim midsection. The only way to see a solid set of abs is in the absence of body fat. To achieve this goal a person must reduce calories. However, what I find is people go whole hog and drop caloric intake too much and too fast. When reducing calories make sure it is not too drastic. This slows your metabolism and allows you to store more stubborn fat. When you reduce calories and increase energy output the body will be forced to burn fat all over, not just in one area. I’m not saying to starve, simply drop the junk food and reduce calories by 10 to 15percent. That may mean cutting out the donuts. Continue reading

Foods That Are Bad For Health

Foods That Are Bad For Health |

Foods That Are Bad For Health |

Modern life offers us thousands of recipes of delicious meals, salads, sandwiches, desserts and fast food. Although some healthy diets allow indulgence sometimes, not all delicious and fresh food can maintain your ideal weight and health. If you are on diet or just want to keep your health and weight, consider and avoid six following foods. Continue reading

Helpful Foods When Exercising

Helpful Foods When Exercising |

Helpful Foods When Exercising |

Many of us may select fruit as a good food before or after working out because it’s quick, easy, and healthy too and we can take it with us. However, certain fruits may have more value to us than others, depending on our activities. Continue reading

Good Nutrition In The Fruit Of The Coffee Plant?

Coffee Plant |

Coffee Plant | has learned that it is little known that the coffee plant contains a bright red fruit that is usually disposed of because coffee growers think it is of no use. This fruit houses the coffee bean, which is technically the plant’s seed. The coffee bean is no longer the only usable part of the coffee plant, because researchers are discovering the good nutrition that the fruit of the coffee plant offers. Continue reading

Stress Lowering Foods

Stress Lowering Foods |

Stress Lowering Foods | members know that stress is experienced by just about all of us; hence there are typically a substantial selection of stress management courses and techniques on offer. Even so, almost all of these fixate on active mental relaxation, for example meditation plus EFT; on physical stress reduction, like working out; or even on both, for example tai-chi and stress balls. Continue reading

Fascinating Nutrition Secrets Of Exotic Fruit

Kenneth Woliner MD

Kenneth Woliner MD

Dr. Kenneth Woliner loves discovering unusual fruits. It’s partly because he believes that their exciting new flavors encourage healthy eating. But they often have unexpected health benefits, too. knows, like so many of our members and readers, that some fruits appear on the scene because of their health benefits. Açai berry is a good example. These little antioxidant powerhouses are tasty. But it’s their reputation for fighting fat that brought them to the US. Continue reading

The Importance Of Good Nutrition In Everything You Eat

Food Nutrition |

Food Nutrition | observes that it’s common knowledge that we must pay attention to what we eat and to also combine good foods with regular exercising. What’s more, all of us realize that the state of our health is directly related to our food nutrition; however, most Americans (at least sixty percent) disregard all these things and end up eating foods that have made them overweight and out of shape. Continue reading

Top 5 Healthy Christmas Snacks For Kids

Healthy Christmas Snacks For Kids |

Healthy Christmas Snacks For Kids | observes that, with the holiday season setting in and Christmas round the corner, food takes up a vital stature. Amongst other concerns like setting up the right menu or planning some innovative and delicious recipes, one of the prime concerns is also to balance health and taste, especially if kids are around. To give you some guidance, therefore, we have come up with these top 5 healthy Christmas snacks for kids: Continue reading

Have A Merry Breakfast

Have A Merry Brekfast |

Have A Merry Breakfast | members and Blog readers probably know that it’s easy to overlook this important meal when the pressure is on to get the turkey in the oven. But breakfast can help give us all a good start to the day, so when you and your family delve into your presents, remember to get into a good breakfast too. Continue reading