Great Tomato Taste-Off Brings Fun, Nutrition to NJ Seniors

Great Tomato Taste-Off |

Great Tomato Taste-Off | blog research uncovered an interesting article that everything one would possibly want to know about tomatoes – and then some – was presented in a program recently at Warrenbrook (NJ) Senior Wellness Center.

Nancy Rosa-Mejias, coordinator for Rutgers Cooperative Extension Program of Somerset County, Family and Community Health Sciences, described for the 18 seniors present the good nutrition and preventive health benefits that tomatoes offer.

Among the facts mentioned at the program: while yellow tomatoes are less acidic, they also are less flavorful than red varieties; tomatoes are a source for Lycopene, vitamins A, B, C, potassium, iron and phosphorus and dietary fiber.

Three types of grape tomatoes, Jolly Elf, Garden Sunshine and Solid Gold, and three from the cherry tomato family, Cherry Pie, Mini Charmer and BHN (this type of tomato has not been officially named) were sampled.

Nick Polanin, a Rutgers agricultural agent, presided over the tastings. “If growers had good irrigation for their tomatoes, this was a good season. The hot, dry summer prevented a lot of disease hitting the plants. Tomatoes this summer also matured about two weeks earlier than usual, due to the conditions,” Polanin said.

Source:      My Central Jersey

Image:       Gail Anderson
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