Healthy Eating, You and the Food Facts Health Score

Food Facts Health Score |

Food Facts Health Score |

When it comes to healthy eating, it’s all about you. has been focused on providing nutrition-conscious consumers with the best, most accurate information about the hidden ingredients within your food. We’re pleased to report that our Blog readers and members are among the most savvy and empowered consumers around when it comes to food nutritional knowledge.

Currently, health and nutrition are weighing heavily on the minds of the American people. The numbers are alarming. The Centers for Disease Control  and Prevention says an estimated 72.5 million adults in the United States are obese. The CDC report goes on to say obesity may cost the medical system as much as  $147 billion annually. The current political and cultural climate is suggesting that this is the time to make America healthier. First Lady Michelle Obama has kicked off her “Let’s Move” initiative and has campaigned for the Child Nutrition Bill, baby carrots are being sold in vending machines, and more and more places are having to post nutritional and caloric information; As a result of increased public awareness, the Food Facts Health Score is proving to be a critical tool in the battle against obesity and the challenge of eating healthier.

Food Facts Health Score: How Does It Work?

When members (membership is FREE) search for a food product in the database of over 75,000 food products, the FoodFacts Health Score will appear below the item’s nutrition facts with a color coded scale. The number and color coding allows the user to quickly and easily evaluate a food’s nutrition, vitamins and ingredients content and determine if that food is a healthful addition to his or her diet — without struggling to comprehend complex charts and ingredient lists. The user can then click on the scale to see why the product received the rating it did.

The FoodFacts Health Score complements’s original diet and food allergy management tools, which include a powerful search function that eliminates unwanted ingredients, a quick recipe finder and other helpful features. Members can save foods that they want to buy, and make shopping lists that can be printed, e-mailed or sent to a phone. Also, the FoodFacts Health Score makes it easier for users to choose the best possible foods — and achieve the highest level of health.

Eating healthy is something we all strive to do, but we know it is much easier said than done. As packaged and processed foods dominate our food landscape, it can be difficult to know which products are best for us. The Food Facts Health Score sets out to avoid label confusion and give one simple score with simple explanations of why a product scores high or low. For example, it will tell you the score is low because the product is high in sodium, high in sugar and high in controversial ingredients.

Eating healthy is all about what you eat, which makes your  choices very crucial to your results.

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