Brit Chef Jamie Oliver Hopes To Cook Up A Food Revolution

Jamie Oliver |

Jamie Oliver |

Jamie Oliver may be known to most Americans as a TV chef but he’s been concentrating more of his efforts on healthy eating programs. He started a campaign to scrap processed food in favor of fresh ingredients in the UK and brought the fight to America with the upcoming premiere of “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.”

Oliver started the campaign in 2004 to get schools in the UK to dump processed food which culminated in a TV series and a movement called “Feed Me Better.” The government caved under public pressure and banned junk food from schools and invested $400 million to help students get better meals.

The “Naked Chef” has brought the same battle about food to America. His target was the city of Huntington in West Virginia, named the nation’s fattest city by the Associated Press in 2008. Jamie and his TV crew spent five months in Huntington trying to change food related habits from restaurants to elementary school cafeterias.

The crew found exactly what they saw in the UK which was an attachment to processed and fast food instead of fresh ingredients. Students in the UK couldn’t identify a bunch of asparagus but quickly identified the logo for a well-known pizza restaurant chain. Kids in the US couldn’t identify a fresh tomato but were very familiar with ketchup.

Oliver is about to hit it big with a primetime TV special. And he has a lot to say. Watch the FoodFacts Blog for further updates about this interesting and informative guy.

Source:  Kathryn Robbins via Tained

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