Organic Coffee?

Organic Coffee |

Organic Coffee |

Many of the beans you buy are grown in countries that don’t regulate use of chemicals and pesticides. Look for the USDA Organic label to ensure you’re not buying beans that have been grown or processed with the use of potentially harmful chemicals. recommends going a step or two further, and look for the Fair Trade Certified label to ensure that your purchase supports farmers who are paid fairly and treated well. And look for shade-grown varieties for the trifecta: Then you know the coffee is being grown under the canopy of the rainforest, leaving those ancient trees intact, along with the wildlife — particularly songbirds — that call them home.

Too much of anything consumed is not good, but did you know that some nutritional experts consider that organic coffee might help to treat memory loss, a major symptom of Alzheimer’s disease? That mug of morning coffee might do more than keep you from falling asleep at your desk. New research shows it could also help alleviate or lessen the effects of memory loss, a key symptom of Alzheimer’s disease.

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