Announces New FoodFacts Health Score Health Score Health Score

More comprehensive than Weight Watchers, this new groundbreaking score system rates over 75,000 food products based on complete nutrition and ingredient value issued a press release announcing an exciting new feature that has been developed, the FoodFacts Health Score. This is an important feature that Foodfacts members will want to utilize. (, the original and most comprehensive online consumer food resource Web site, is proud to introduce the newest resource in its nutritional arsenal: the FoodFacts Health Score.

The health and diet experts at developed the FoodFacts Health Score as the world’s FIRST rating system to reflect the quality of ingredients in foods in addition to the traditional measures of protein, fat, fiber, vitamins and added sugar.

This innovative new Health Score evaluates foods based on multiple dimensions of nutrition and assigns those foods a numeric rating between 0 and 100 (zero being least nutritious and 100 being best). This system goes above and beyond current food rating programs such as the Weight Watchers Point System by offering a more complete assessment of food nutrition and ingredients value. The FoodFacts Health Score helps users gauge not just calories and fiber, but the products ingredients and vitamins that are essential building blocks for healthier food. is the only one in the world to do this.

Fad diets and restrictive weight loss programs are quickly falling out of fashion — and for good reason. Doctors and nutritionists agree that an active, healthy lifestyle is more effective and more attainable than unending yo-yo dieting; the FoodFacts Health Score was created with this in mind. Those striving to maintain a healthy body weight — and, more importantly, a healthy body — by eating nourishing, nutritious foods will find the FoodFacts Health Score invaluable.


When members (membership is FREE) search for a food product in the database of over 75,000 food products, the FoodFacts Health Score will appear below the item’s nutrition facts with a color coded scale. The number and color coding allows the user to quickly and easily evaluate a food’s nutrition, vitamins and ingredients content and determine if that food is a healthful addition to his or her diet — without struggling to comprehend complex charts and ingredient lists. The user can then click on the scale to see why the product received the rating it did.

The new FoodFacts Health Score compliments’s original diet and food allergy management tools, which include a powerful search function that eliminates unwanted ingredients, a quick recipe finder and other helpful features. Members can save foods that they want to buy, and make shopping lists that can be printed, e-mailed or sent to a phone. And now, the FoodFacts Health Score makes it easier for users to choose the best possible foods — and achieve the highest level of health.

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