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Nutrition Secrets

Nutrition Secrets

Nutrition Secrets

Learn the nutrition secrets of the planet’s oldest people with these simple steps to a longer, healthier life.

Maintain Your Weight

The islands of Okinawa, a lush archipelago southwest of the main island of Japan, are home to the largest and healthiest population of centenarians on earth. They suffer significantly fewer heart attacks and 80 percent fewer incidences of breast cancer and prostate cancer, and have lower rates of diabetes and less than half of the ovarian and colon cancer cases that we do. Their secret? A nutrient-dense diet and stress-proof lifestyle. Continue reading

Color code your menu: You can tell a food’s nutrients by its hue



You have probably found yourself in this situation frequently.  You are at the food market, trying to put together a healthy diet for a week, which requires you to decide just what you’ll be in the mood for a couple of days from now.

The beans look good. There’s a special on lamb chops. And the strawberries are calling your name. Exactly how much, and of what, do you need to buy – and eventually consume – to meet your nutrient requirements? Continue reading

A Fat Attack Strategy


With so many varying recommendations on how to approach losing your body fat, many crucial details tend to slip through one ear, and right out of the other. It’s true that you hear so many conflicting ideas about health, diet, fitness, and weight management. Why does so much instructional or informational variation exist? Which parts are factual? What are the concepts, ideas, or truths that can really help you? Continue reading

Prevent Cardiac Deaths With Chocolate? Sounds Too Good To Be True! research indicates that, for people who have had a first heart attack, chocolate consumption dramatically reduces the odds of dying from a future heart attack, according to new research out of Stockholm, Sweden.  Read further for the right “dose” of chocolate.

Stockholm and Boston-based researchers investigated over a thousand people who had suffered a first heart attack, surveying them about chocolate consumption over the year prior to the heart attack, then followed their course over the next eight years. Continue reading

Unhealthy U.S. Diets Under Attack

Unhealthy Diets

Unhealthy Diets

An alarming report by Reuters caught the attention of editors at as it was about the dangers of the food most Americans eat. It is also especially relevant in view of the current health care reform debate that is occurring nationally and the issue of unhealthy diets in this country and how it can cause illness. Continue reading

Don’t Reheat Those French Fries


With the large portions of foods now being served in U.S. restaurants, which haven’t taken home those wonderful French fries, with the expectation of enjoying them later. However, government regulators are now targeting the naturally occurring chemical in fried starchy foods that is heat-activated, including the treasured French fry, which has been linked to cancer in lab rats. Continue reading

How Your Personality Can Shape Your Views About Food


A recent article about personality as it relates to attitude and personal nutrition in the Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel got us thinking. The article brought to our attention a correlation between how well you can stick to a healthy diet has to do with more than willpower, but also a working knowledge of nutrition, as well as the correct time to shop and cook healthfully. Continue reading

Many Cereals may not be as Healthy as you Think!


When most of us have a bowl of cereal, especially those that claim they are “healthy,” we never think about their sugar content, but the fact is that some cereals on the market has as much sugar as ice cream and as much salt as a packet of crisps. has discovered some recent information that indicates only 8 percent of cereals are getting approved for their healthy sugar level content and some even some so-called healthy cereals failed to make the grade at all. For example, a person starting the day with a cereal that promotes weight loss, actually offers the same amount of sugar found in a some popular brands of Dark Chocolate Fudge Cake Ice Cream! Continue reading

Strange Food Ingredients

Strange Food Ingredients

Strange Food Ingredients

We are familiar with clothes labels and designer labels, but some of the most important labels have to do with the ingredients in our foods. There are some strange ingredients that consumers sometimes come across in food labels and we sometimes wonder what something means, but just overlook it, especially when something tastes good! Continue reading