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Diet Food

Diet Food

Diet Food

When it comes to diet food, there is no one, single solution that fits all. Many experts believe that simply eating a balanced diet, with moderation, and combined with regular exercise, will do the trick. Unfortunately, Americans love fad diets. We seek the quick fix, the panacea, the one-stop solution. It really isn’t that easy. We have listed here 9 ways to diet that are not innovative but known to be effective. Meanwhile, it is still true: you should eat less, and do more exercise. Continue reading

Stevia: Better Flavoring On the Way?

Stevia: Better Flavoring On The Way?

Stevia: Better Flavoring On The Way?

Stevia has demonstrated some promise as a safe and healthy alternative to artificial sweeteners. This writer has tried Stevia in the past and was frankly disappointed with the taste. But that might all be about to change.

There has been much excitement about the promise of Stevia as a natural alternative to artificial zero-calorie sweeteners. Here is a summary of the science behind Stevia  so far. Continue reading

Why Good Nutrition Matters

Why Good Nutrition Matters

Why Good Nutrition Matters

You may have not considered how important good nutrition is until you begin a diet. Unfortunately, if you had understood the importance of good nutrition earlier you might not need to lose weight now.

But it is never too late to change your outlook on life and now is the perfect time to see how good nutrition can improve your quality of life. Continue reading

Celiac Disease: Elizabeth Hasselbeck

Media personality Elizabeth Hasselbeck of The View is a high profile person who has Celiac Disease. Here she discusses Celiac Disease with her physician on The View.

There is no better time than right now to find out everything you can eat on
Learn how FoodFacts can help you with information about all the ingredients you need to avoid!

Gluten Free Restaurants

Gluten-Free-Restaurants |

Gluten Free-Restaurants |

Editorial Note: does not endorse food product claims or statements made by restaurant chains. This is a factual news report assembled from various news media sources.

Eating out used to be a chore on a diet where you can’t have wheat, oats, barley, and rye. But that is not the situation anymore, thanks to two national chain restaurants.

When you think Outback you think down under, steaks, and the list goes on. Continue reading

My Divorce From Buttery Spread

Buttery Spread

Buttery Spread

Our recent post about margarine got me thinking. Is the Buttery Spread Light I have been using OK? Are there any controversial ingredients?

It was a long relationship. We danced around any thought of bad stuff because the experience was tasty and satisfying. Buttery added so much to my life, enhancing my taste buds with all of the savory foods I enjoy. But, alas…all good things come to an end.

Yes, for sure. In fact, I was faced with a bit of a shocker. My fave spread has something called TBHQ and luckily my FoodFacts membership revealed what I had been taking in.  “Petroleum based…may cause vomiting, nausea…delirium…a dose of 5g is considered fatal.”

Now, where else could I learn this? Not from the food manufacturers, that’s for sure. We should all be aware that  their nutrition labeling is meaningless without an objective definition of what these ingredients are all about. You’ll only get that information from FoodFacts, the world’s most comprehensive and only objective food ingredient database.

For just pennies a day, FoodFacts is a site that you will definitely want to use. I’m sure glad I checked this product out! And I’m really glad I am a FoodFacts member.

Diabetes Diet

diabetes-diets from

diabetes diet from

What is a diabetes diet?

A diabetes diet is structured in such a way that you are able to identify compatible foods for meals and at snack times. This type of diet should consist of meal plans that fit in with our own unique schedule and eating habits. The right meal plan will help you improve your blood glucose, blood pressure, and cholesterol numbers while also helping to keep your weight on track. Whether you need to lose weight or remain where you are, your meal plan can help.

People with diabetes have to take extra care to make sure that their food is balanced with insulin and oral medications, along with exercise to help manage their blood glucose levels.

This seem sound like a lot of work, but your physician and/or dietitian can help you to create a meal plan that is best for you. When you make healthy food choices, you will improve your overall health and you can even prevent further complications from occuring, including heart disease, some cancers, and hypertension.

There are many ways to help you follow your diabetes diet. Some ways are following the Food Guide Pyramid, Rating your Plate, Exchanges Lists, and Carbohydrate Counting. They are all different, but hopefully one is right for you.

Infant food allergy can be prevented

infant-food-allergies |


Many of us have experienced some type of allergy, and there is often no cure. Experts know that allergies can be controlled, but it can be difficult to avoid everyday foods. The problem is also compounded by the fact that food sensitivities and allergies are very prevalent in our society.

Some experts have indicated that, while we might not be able to get rid of our own allergies right now, we might be able to protect our children against them and an onslaught of other things, like asthma. Infant food allergies have been on the increase for years and are a blight on the lives of children and those who love them.

An Infant Food Allergy Can Be Prevented When Mother Drinks Organically Produced Milk

A link has been found between what a lactating mother drinks, what their children drink after breastfeeding, and child allergies, and it is shown that drinking organic milk while lactating, and feeding that milk to your child, might decrease the risk of the child developing allergies.

Women who drank organic milk produced more of an antibody that protected the child against health problems like allergies, asthma, and other things that would stay with the child throughout their entire life.

This link, scientists think, might open up new health discoveries,and the results of this study are going to fuel countless more with the hope that organic food can help improve not only the prevention of child allergies, but relief for other conditions, mental and physical.

Source:  Vic Errington | Kris Bovay